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It’s all change in Periodontal Therapy

October 4, 2017 10:37 am

Author:  Dr Peter Galgut (Periodontist) For many years it has been known that to control periodontal diseases it is necessary to decontaminate the teeth and roots from plaque bacterial debris and other toxic microbial biofilm products. For sometime it is generally accepted that periodontal pockets of infection are treated by scaling foreign material out of the periodontal pockets of infection. Instruments were large and cumbersome and it was virtually impossible to introduce them deeper than 3 or 4mm below the gum margins. So the answer was surgery! Simply open and expose the roots by flap surgery, clear off all of the contaminated material by what was called root-planing, and then with everything decontaminated and clean suture back the gingivae and... View Article