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Inflamed Gums

Since starting to use Gengigel gel two months ago I cannot believe the difference to my gums. I can now brush my teeth without any problem. If only I had been aware of this product sooner it could have saved me years of misery.
Hodgkins, Warwickshire

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I am delighted with Gengigel. My gums have been a problem for some time on my lower teeth, not anymore!
Philpot, Kent

I think Gengigel is wonderful. For some years I have had severe problems with my gums. It was so bad that my gums would bleed even when eating soft food, and they were red and swollen all the time. Both the doctor and the dentist could offer me no solution. After a few days of discovering Gengigel I was able to clean my teeth with no bleeding and after two weeks my gums even looked normal. Something at last that really works. I can’t thank you enough for this product.
Jackson, Berkshire

My gums have turned from a dark red/blue colour to a nice healthy sugar pink in under two months.  Several teeth that were a little loose are now firm again. The soreness and bleeding has now been totally eliminated and it appears that my gums are now growing again.
Hallsworth, Cheshire

Receding Gums

My gums receding terrible! It’s my worst nightmare. I started to use Gengigel three weeks ago. After at least 5 years of the problem getting worse, it’s the first time I’ve been told the pockets in my gums are improving. I wish I had known about your product a long time ago.
Poll, Hartlepool

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I am a diabetic and Gengigel has helped me so much.  I have suffered from receding gums for a long time and now I’m hopeful that Gengigel will ensure that I keep my teeth longer. Thank you.
Simpson, Derby

My gums were bleeding in one place when I brushed my teeth, as well as several gums receding and one tooth becoming loose. Since using Gengigel daily for several months, my gums no longer bleed when I brush my teeth, and my loose tooth has stabilised and now very nearly solid. Thank you for your wonderful product.
Holland, Devon

I have been using Gengigel for approximately four weeks now, and the difference in my receding gums is amazing. The problem areas are 100% better.
Batty, Gwynedd

I have been using Gengigel and feel compelled to share my experience with other customers. Throughout the past ten years I have had problems with bleeding and rapidly receding gums. I cannot believe the difference that using Gengigel has made.  My gums are healthy, do not bleed and best of all, the exposure of the join on my crowns has disappeared – this has made it very easy to measure the effect of using the product. I am so grateful to have been able to obtain Gengigel and will continue to use as well as recommending to others.
Harrison, Isle of Bute

Extractions & Surgery

I had one of my main molars extracted. Although my mouth was very sore and I indeed had stitches, I religiously used the Gengigel mouthwash to help the healing process. After 1 week I returned to my dentist to have my stitches removed and even she was surprised to see just how quickly my mouth had healed with this excellent product.
Harding, Cambridgeshire

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I have had problem gums for many years, even having them cut and stitched about 30 years ago.  I was going through a bad patch when I read about Gengigel.  I ordered some without great expectations and was amazed at the difference after 3 weeks.
Pratt, Pembrokeshire

Thanks to Gengigel, my toothbrush is no longer bloodstained. For years this has worried me as I have a fear of losing my remaining lower teeth – have lost all from Pyorrhea (wish I’d had Gengigel years ago).
Miller, Hertfordshire

For years I have suffered from gum disease, which resulted in the loss of several teeth, but since using Gengigel for the past year I have managed to keep the infection at bay.
Gamble, Devon

I am writing to thank you for helping my chronic periodontitis, which I have suffered for 15 years. My dentist says I am now virtually clear.
Steen, Dorset

Gum Pain

It really does work for me. I had a toothache and my teeth were a bit loose on upper left molar so I concentrated on using the gel at this location. The next day the ache had gone! A few days later my teeth tightened up and I was then able to eat normally. I recommend this to all my friends and my dentist.
Tucker, Cheshire

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For many years I have had trouble with aching gums (no redness or soreness).  Many treatments and opinions have been sought, but at LAST great relief!
Silvester, Staffordshire

I am very pleased with the results of Gengigel.  My gums have been tender and my teeth loose for some years, with my dentist suggesting he pull them for some time. They have now firmed up considerably and are no longer painful.
Hamilton-Campbell, London


I’ve been suffering with mouth ulcers during my current pregnancy and this stuff is a Godsend! It helps with swelling and pain instantly, and reduces the size of ulcers within the first day of using it.
Jennings, London

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I have suffered with Gingivitis for years and get ulcers on the side of my mouth. I bought a bottle of Gengigel and within 3 days all had started to feel better and I could eat normally. I am so pleased with the product that I had to write!
Hensbridge, Salisbury



I have a partial denture and have always had problems with soft, bleeding gums. However after using Gengigel for 4 to 5 weeks, the problem has almost completely vanished. What a pleasure to find a product that lives up to its reputation.
Crandley, Essex

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