Rapidly reduces pain and heals inflamed gums.

Gengigel Teething Gel

  • Target Market: Mothers of infants 0-3 years. Parents seeking a drug free, safe and effective relief.
  • Clinically Supported Indications: Inflammation-reducing action, fast-acting and more effective than a standard anaesthetic.
  • USP: Naturally derived, drug free formulation.
  • Active Ingredient: Hyaluronan 540mg.


Effective, well-tolerated and easy to use, Gengigel Teething represents real innovation on the market of products aimed at relieving toddler teething pain. Benefiting from the recognised anti-inflammatory properties of hyaluronic acid, Gengigel Teething helps reduce the pain and swelling connected to teething.

A non-medicated, patented gel for the relief of teething symptoms in infants. Clinical studies have shown that Gengigel Teething is an effective and safe alternative to the anaesthetic gels such as Calgel. Gengigel Teething has been proven to eliminate teething symptoms on average after 7 days of treatment, this includes increasing sleep quality and decreasing salivation. In addition, the gel significantly reduces pain as well as reducing symptoms of swelling, redness and pain.

Product Characteristics

  • Alcohol-free and sugar-free
  • Contains no artificial flavourings, gluten, lactose or parabens
  • Pleasant flavour
  • Patented auto-adhesive formula that adheres to the gums to form a long-lasting, flexible and invisible film

Why you should use Gengigel Teething Gel: Parents are increasing concerned about health risks associated with giving babies drug based products. With that being said, Gengigel Teething Gel is a naturally derived, drug free system, clinically proven to reduce teething inflammation, the primary cause of pain and discomfort.

Homeopathic remedies have no clinical evidence in support for their effectiveness and those containing anaesthetics such as benzocaine and lidocaine can cause serious side effect (as such these are discouraged by leading health professionals & the FDA in America). As a result, Gengigel Teething Gel is proven and safe.

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